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Neuroscience Featured in this month's Law Society Journal

Neuroscience and its potential impact on the legal system has featured in this month's Law Society Journal (LSJ) with Dr Amanda J White providing some of the commentary along with the heads of the Australian Neurolaw database Professor Jeanette Kennett and Allan McCay as well as Dr Sascha Callaghan and others.


Neurolaw: All in the Mind

ABC's All in the Mind program has just released a podcast on the topic of Neurolaw. The discussion features a Professor of Law and Psychiatry, talk about the Neurolaw database in Australia and considers what the potential impact of neuroscience is in reference to the law. Click here to listen or to view the transcript. 


Intellectual Disability Mental Health Core Competency Framework Released

The Intellectual Disability Mental Health Core Competency Framework: A Manual for Mental Health professionals is now available as a free download! A useful resource to have on file which highlights important considerations from the perspective of people with intellectual disability whilst also providing a framework for the development of professional competencies and skill development.


Neuroimaging assisting in the detection of Autism

Developments in neuroimaging technology have assisted the medical community in numerous ways, including the identification of relevant brain structures, biomarkers and more for specific disorders. Recently scientists have completed some promising research in which biomarkers had a high level of accuracy in differentiating patients with autism from healthly controls.