Services offered by Dr Pulman and Associates

Dr Susan Pulman and Associates offer the following services

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Clinical neuropsychologists can provide detailed and objective assessment of an individual’s brain functioning to assist in the assessment, identification and diagnosis of central nervous system disorders and associated psychological conditions for children through to the elderly. The assessment provides an overview of a person’s current cognitive functioning and covers a broad range of areas including: intellectual capacity, attention, speed of information processing, language, new learning and memory, visuospatial skills as well as more complex skills such as reasoning, judgment and planning abilities.

Forensic Psychologist

Expert forensic psychological and forensic neuropsychological reports are often sought in both civil and criminal court proceedings to provide the courts with expert understanding and appreciation of an individual’s cognitive and psychological functioning, which can often have an impact on the legal question at hand. Common issues in the criminal context include an individual’s fitness to stand trial as well as any mitigating factors which may need to be taken into account on sentencing, for example, brain impairment which may have affected their judgement.

Education and Training

We have a unique skill set and vast range of experience in forensic, clinical and corporate contexts which enables us to provide high quality training and education to medical and allied health practitioners, lawyers, insurance companies, workplaces and professional bodies.