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About Us

We provide Forensic and neuropsychological assessments for individuals where cognitive function and mental capacity are important considerations for legal matters. 

The team at Dr Pulman and Associates are all highly qualified psychologists with masters degrees in either Forensic Psychology or Clinical Neuropsychology.  All of our psychologists are endorsed or seeking endorsement by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) in the respective specialist area.


Dr Susan Pulman & Associates conduct assessments in our Lindfield and Sydney offices.  We also conduct assessments in correctional centres, nursing homes, legal offices, corporate buildings, hospitals and group homes across Australia when required. 


Less than 24 hours notice a fee will apply. Non attendance at appointment without prior notification of more than 24 hours will attract a cancellation fee. If a client is delayed in attending their appointment by more than one hour it may be necessary to reschedule the appointment. In such cases a fee may apply.


Our Services

Forensic Psychology

Our firm provides forensic psychology reports for use in civil, criminal, and family law cases.  Our forensic psychologists work closely with the DPP, FACTS, IDRS and the police.

Clinical Neuropsychology

We provide Clinical Neuropsychological assessments for the identification and diagnosis of central nervous system disorders and associated psychological conditions.

Our Team

Our psychologists are highly educated with Masters Degree qualifications in either forensic psychology or Clinical Neuropsychology, with or seeking AHPRA endorsement.

Meet the team


Dr Susan Pulman

Founder & Forensic Psycologist

Lisa Zipparo

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Lucienne Barhon

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Kylie Young

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Catherine Schreuder

Practice Manager

Michoel Moshel


Twisted Minds Podcast 

Dr Susan Pulman discusses assessing the mental health of one of Australia’s most violent men, the baby-faced killer, Daniel Kelsall in this podcast of Twisted Minds.  She also discusses the Cowra-based axe-murdering grandfather who killed his wife and two grandchildren. 

Twisted minds podcast

by Featuring Dr Susan Pulman

More About Us

Professional Fees

Fees are variable depending on the nature of the assessment. To discuss your specific requirements, please contact the practice.

Code of Ethics

Dr Susan Pulman & Associates adhere to the Australian Psychological Society (APS) Code of Ethics (as adopted by the Psychology Board of Australia) and the relevant Expert Witness Code of Conduct in forensic matters. For further details see www.psychology.org.au.

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