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Forensic Psychology

Clinical Neuropsychology

Forensic Psychologists

Forensic Psychological Assessments Sydney, NSW

Forensic psychologists apply psychological knowledge, theory and skills to the understanding and functioning of legal and criminal justice systems.  Forensic neuropsychology specialises in the application of clinical neuropsychology to the legal context. It requires specialist training in forensic psychology and clinical neuropsychology as well as knowledge of the relevant legislation within the criminal, civil and family law jurisdictions.



Clinical Neuropsychologists

Clinical Neuropsychological Assessments Sydney, NSW

Clinical neuropsychologists specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders associated with conditions affecting the brain. Although all psychologists are trained in psychometric assessment, the clinical neuropsychologists’ skills are underpinned by knowledge of brain structure, function and dysfunction, and the effects of multiple factors on cognitive, behavioural and emotional functioning.

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